George Sakhat

georgeelbashaOwner – Park Avenue

About George:

George Sakhat began his career far from the restaurant business, graduating from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 1994 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. However, after starting a family, he needed a change… a career that would allow him to stay close to his home and his three children. Inspired and supported by his family, he opened his El Basha restaurant on Park Avenue in 2002. Today, George is proud to be able to introduce his customers and community to not only his family’s traditional Lebanese cuisine, but also to their culture. “Before El Basha, the closest middle eastern restaurant was in Boston,” he says. “Now, especially with our various locations, we’re able to bring our unique tastes and traditions to customers that may have never experienced them otherwise.”

John Sakhat

johnElbashaOwner – Belmont Street

About John:

After coming to America, John Sakhat opened the first El Basha restaurant alongside his mother and father in 1991. “It was difficult coming to another country,” he reflects.  “Learning another language, opening a business…And we had no restaurant experience whatsoever.” Their first year in business was a struggle, but John and his parents persevered, providing not only excellent food, but also a warm and inviting dining experience. “Our service sets us apart,” explains John. “It keeps people coming back.” Today, El Basha continues to build on family and tradition. John’s wife is now the head chef, and their four children all work in the restaurant. Even the menu grows with the business, with expanded American offerings like steak, swordfish, and salmon. John and his family are proud to provide something for everyone at their El Basha restaurant.

Elie Sakhat

eliesakhat2Owner – Connector Road

About Elie:

The youngest of the brothers, Elie Sakhat was inspired by his family and began learning the ins and outs of the restaurant business right after high school. “El Basha was my college,” he remarks. Elie opened his El Basha restaurant on Connector Road in 2006. Today, he does it all, with a hands-on approach to ownership. He travels to Boston twice a week, hand picking his meat and vegetables to ensure the best quality. At the restaurant, Elie works everywhere, welcoming customers as host, getting wine, cooking, prepping – whatever is needed. “At my restaurant, “ he says, “The customer is the most important thing.” It’s a value he hopes to pass on to the next generation, his two sons and one daughter, who will perhaps open their own El Basha some day.